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Who We Are

The Leading Biotechnology Company in the North of Chile

Our multidisciplinary team has 30+ years of experience in industrial production processes.  An innovative culture is embedded in each person that works at our company, creating a virtuous environment of creativity, innovation, and constant improvement. We have specialized professional assistance to support new developments and we keep expanding the range of formats to make the product readily available for any application.

The four founders and partners of the company, a Biochemist, a Marine Biologist, a Chemical Engineer and a Mechanical Engineer led, with perseverance, 13-year research, and development project to scale up from the laboratory the production of microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis. The result is a robust proprietary culture technology of closed and open photobioreactors based on a high level of cleanliness and asepsis.


Our Location

The Atacama Desert is the most privileged location to produce Astaxanthin.


It is world-famous as an astronomer’s paradise because of its pristine atmosphere away from any agricultural or populated areas. This is a strong warranty for secure algae cultivation with no environmental pollution.


The Atacama has the highest solar irradiance in the world, and we count on pure underground water from the Andes Mountains.


Our Goals


A long term win-win commercial relationship  
  Reliable Supply

  • High stock in a refrigerated warehouse ready to supply all the product  that is needed

  • Existent large production capacity

  • Production can be increased many times, as the market needs


 Very competitive prices, now and in the long run due to

  • High solar radiation, low energy consuming technology

  • Low cost non-fertile marginal land

  • Water reuse

  • A country with a competitive cost of inputs, energy, and personnel

  • Permanent high investment in R+D to optimize the technology

Our History


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Technology and Sustainability

Mario Calderón, Production Manager, Marine Biologist and partner of the company says:

“We have developed a process, a technology, that allows our Haematococcus pluvialis to grow in a similar environment as found in nature, that is why we say that our Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae is happy. It lives in ponds facing the sun and open to the unpolluted atmosphere of the Atacama desert resembling its natural life cycle. We assimilate to the concept of “free-range culture”. So when we harvest it, we are very sure that it has lived its life naturally and not exposed to artificial methods of growth. This way of production creates a microalga that has a natural balance of carotenoids, mainly Astaxanthin, but also Lutein, Canthaxanthin, and Zeaxanthin, that acts all together in a synergistic way for a healthy and colorful performance.”

“Our process is very environmentally friendly as it captures CO2 from the air helping to reduce global warming. This makes a big difference with other companies that use the fermentation chemical process from fungus or bacteria to produce astaxanthin because those processes release CO2 to the atmosphere. Others use artificial light to culture microalgae, getting more production but changing its natural energy source”. “The astaxanthin molecule produced by our microalgae is the same as the one that has always been in the human food chain.

I consume 12 mg of our natural Astaxanthin daily and it keeps me energized and protected from the high solar radiation we have here.”

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