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When Your Way Inspires

This past 30th of November, our company had the great honour of receiving an award from the Asociación de Industriales de Iquique (Iquique’s Industry Association). On their 33rd anniversary, they awarded us the Outstanding Partner 2023 title. This magnificent distinction recognizes our company for its impact in the Northern Chile region in a year where productivity was made clear through a significant increase in sales, along with an expanded worldwide reach, and topped with a boosted standing in the industry.

Our founder & CEO, José Luis Arenas, gave a brief speech to his peers in business. He highlighted the importance of developing local businesses for the growth of our society. He was emphatic in pointing out that knowledge allows companies to grow, and that building accumulative knowledge brings the best out of the business-employee relationship. This way, “(…) we the businessmen are forced to cultivate and take care of our personnel (staff) thus building a more equal work-capital relationship, creating better jobs and a stronger social network”.

José Luis’ speech also invited the attendees to invest the earnings that the mining industry provides (the region’s primary industry) to move forward on environmentally sustainable knowledge. Our company has always kept this at the core: constructing benefits for humankind while caring for the planet.

We are proud to share this award as a team effort since Atacama Bio is made by all those behind it.

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