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After the virtual participation in VIV Connect last year (check out that webinar here) due to the postponement of VIV Asia 2021, we gladly returned to the in-person event to see you eye to eye this 2023 now in Bangkok.

For three days, starting on March 8th and ending on Friday, March 10th, we successfully exhibited in booth 3765, promoting RedMeal, our animal-consumption natural Astaxanthin product. RedMeal is a homogenized blend of cracked biomass from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae, rich in Natural Astaxanthin 3S, 3’S enantiomer. This isomer and its supporting carotenoids (lutein, canthaxanthin, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene) have always been present in the natural food chain. Astaxanthin is naturally esterified with healthy fatty acids, palmitic, oleic, linoleic, and linolenic, that enhance stability and provide extended shelf life. It also contains 10 Vitamins and 18 amino acids, nine of them essential.

Our proprietary culture and production process -carried out in the heart of the Atacama Desert- ensures a large-scale, dependable supply at competitive prices, now and in the long run.

It’s tremendously recomforting to be back at this magnificent event and have the chance to share directly the unique benefits derived from this whole microalgae meal for aquaculture. During the show, our CEO, Mr. José Luis Arenas, and our Technical Sales Specialist, Mr. Patricio Hidalgo, had the opportunity to discuss the encouraging results in field experiences for both shrimp and fish when using RedMeal. The benefits derived from natural Astaxanthin supplementation range from increased survival and reproduction rate to overall improved health while achieving the desired pigmentation.

We received visitors from twenty-four different countries spread over four out of the five continents. We are thankful for you approaching our booth, and we hope to keep in touch and see you again at future events. We look forward to new opportunities to meet with stakeholders of the animal culture industries and take immense pride in being able to deliver our sustainably produced natural Astaxanthin, which has proven to be beneficial for animal health, production, and pigmentation.

Check out these two articles published in the Aqua Culture Asia Pacific Magazine about the relevance of choosing natural Astaxanthin to achieve higher production and profits by enhancing health.

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