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Red Meal Powder & Oil 1.5%

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Superior nutrition for health and color

Multiple beneficial properties of Red Meal in your feed:


Its high antioxidant capacity protects animal health from deleterious effects caused by oxidative molecules produced by stress in high density cultures.

Growth rate

Crustaceans and salmons fed with microalgae show better survival and growth rate. The balanced composition of Red Meal provide optimal nutrition.


In aquaculture hatcheries the use of microalgae feed increase egg quality and quantity and larval survival.

Immune system

Lipid-rich hematopoietic tissue cells embedded with (3S, 3’S) Astaxanthin maintain a strong and healthy condition to actively produce phagocyte cells.


Pigmentation is a key quality attribute for consumer acceptability that should be monitored and optimized. The Astaxanthin and carotenoids present in Red Meal, enable an excellent pigmentation of crustaceans, muscle in meat fish, skin in ornamental fish, and egg yolks in laying hens. Typical species pigmented with Astaxanthin include: ornamental fish, Sea Bream, Yellow Tail, Rainbow Trout, Salmon, L. vannamei Shrimp, and Poultry, among others.

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