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Thrilled to be in Vitafoods Europe with Lus Health Ingredients again.

After a gratifying collaboration with Lus Health Ingredients at Vitafoods Europe 2022, we are delighted to announce we will again exhibit side-by-side with our European partners in this 2023 edition of VFE.

At Atacama Bio Natural Products, we are dedicated to producing Natural Astaxanthin by culturing Haematococcus pluvialis (Hp) and extracting this wonderful antioxidant, the most potent one known to humanity.

This miraculous red pigment develops naturally within the microalga when it senses the environmental conditions are too harsh for its survival: extreme sunlight, high temperatures, and a growing salinity in the medium. These conditions alert the microalga that the pond where it lives and grows will soon dry. Here comes Astaxanthin, which, along with lipids, fulfils the cell to prevent DNA and organelle damage. This pure Astaxanthin extract is provided in different product formats you can find in our website.

The Atacama Desert is the perfect location to grow Hp as it is naturally the place with the highest solar radiation on Earth, and where the pristine clarity of the skies makes it ideal for some of the biggest telescopes. After weeks of accommodating the microalgae to grow comfortably, it is exposed to the severe conditions found in this desert, thus mimicking the process by which Astaxanthin is produced in nature. We harvest this most-potent-astaxanthin to deliver it to our customers in different formats such as oleoresin, powders, and cold-water dispersible liquid and powder.

Lus Health Ingredients, our partners in Europe, are dedicated to gathering the best natural ingredients around the globe to deliver them for human consumption in the most widely available variety of formats, from MCT oils to prepared and customized label drinks containing the right mix of nutrients to cover your needs.

This duo makes the perfect combination of catalogues to bring to our interested parties in Europe: Astaxanthin made as nature intended, alongside complex and modern formats to deliver natural products for customers demanding high-quality products and delivery configurations. You can book a meeting here and plan ahead to contact Mr Jose Luis Arenas, Atacama Bio Founder & CEO; Mr Tomas Arenas, Atacama Bio CMO; Mr Rene van Hoorn, Lus Health Ingredients Founder & CEO; and Mr Ricardo Sneijder, Lus Health Ingredients Business Manager.

Stay tuned for further information!

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